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Post Remediation Verification is the important final step to a successful Mold Remediation process. Sometimes referred to as "Clearance Testing" , the Post Remediation Verification is a visual inspection along with indoor air quality testing to determine if the remediation recommendations and protocols provided by the Mold Inspector were followed. 

The Post Remediation Verification should never be preformed by the remediation contractor, as it is unethical, it should always be preformed and results certified by a third-party company. 

In most cases, if the remediation contractor is following the Florida laws and statutes they will either direct the client to contact the original mold inspector for a return visit to provide the Post Remediation Verification, or they will contact the mold inspector themselves to schedule. 

In providing Post Remediation Verification, The Mold Guyz follow the IICRC S520-2015 industry standard guidelines.  

These guidelines state that in order for a remediation to have been successful the area must be returned to a Condition One (Normal Fungal Ecology) Status. 

To verify a Condition One has been reached the Inspector will refer to the original recommendations and protocols, they will visually inspect rooms affected for any visual remaining mold and moisture issues.  They are not only looking for visible issues, they are also preforming what we call a "smell" test to make sure that the areas are clean and free of malodor. If all appears to be clean, then the Mold Inspector will continue the verification by preforming the air samples to confirm there is no residual mold issues within the area. 

Once the independent laboratory returns the results of the air samples, and if they confirm a Condition One result, the Mold Inspector will give the homeowner a Post Remediation Verification that indeed the home or office as been returned to a Healthy Home Standard. 

However, please do not be confused. This is not a warranty or a guarantee that your home or office is mold free, it is just certify that on this time and date of the Verification the area had been returned to a Healthy Home Standard. 

In addition, the Post Remediation Verification is also important to prove to the insurance company that the Water Intrusion or Mold Remediation was done properly. ​ 

Post Remediation Verification The Mold Guyz
Post Remediation Verification The Mold Guyz

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Post Remediation Verification The Mold Guyz

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Post Remediation Verification The Mold Guyz

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