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Mold Testing is another tool we use in determining the overall mold infestation within your home, or if there truly is one. There are several difference methods used to test for mold within your home or office. The Inspector will determine which is the best method to use in your unique situation. 

Air Sampling:

Air sampling is a more inclusive type of testing that determines the quality of breathable air within your home. Here at The Mold Guyz, we use only Zefron spore trap cassettes, commonly called Air-O-Cell to ensure the most reliable results. These cassettes are designed for rapid collection of a wide range of airborne aerosols including mold spores, pollen, insect parts, fibers, inorganic particulates, and even skin cells. 

The air within the home or office is drawn in through the spore trap cassette using a self contained IAQ pump and then all collected particles are impacted on to the slides surface. 

When doing Air Samples our protocol requires a minimum of 1 outside control sample to establish a baseline, and 2 samples inside. A Chain of Command is followed when sending the samples to a certified independent laboratory for analysis. Their report will show the type of mold, and the amount of mold in the air per a cubic meter. 

In certain conditions, and if deemed necessary The Mold Guyz can also perform "Wall Cavity" air samples that can confirm if there is hidden mold colonies existing in the wall cavity space. These samples are considered destructive sampling as drilling holes into the wall is required to gain access to the wall cavity. 

Swab Sampling or Tape Lift Sampling: 

If there is visible mircobial growth being seen in an area of concern then we could choose to use this specific type of mold testing. Using a wet sterilized swab or bio-tape to lift a sample of visible growth from the surface. The independent AIHA certified laboratory results will include the name of the spore identified on the sample. 

In some cases we will use swab / tape lift samples in conjunction with air samples to confirm that the mold found free floating is coming from the same visible growth. Using this method with help us identify the possibility of additional hidden mold colonies if we suspect them. 

Bulk Sampling: 

Bulk Sampling is a useful tool instead of using swab or tape lift samples. In those cases where the home owner or building owner allows, we can remove a bulk sample of the growth on the building materials. These can be in as small size as 3"x 3" or as large 5"x 5". 

Mold Testing 

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Using a series of targeted questions, sophisticated tools, and knowledge gained from experience our inspectors will determine where the interior air samples should be performed. 

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In some cases we use swab samples in conjunction with air samples to confirm if the spores caught in the air cassettes is from the visible growth.  

In order to establish a baseline we always start with an outdoor control sample close to the exterior. 

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