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Why Do I Need A Remediation?

The key to every successful remediation is identifying and eliminating the source of the mold growth. Our certified and licensed professions will prevent the spread of mold in your home by isolating the damage areas, removing all affected materials, and restore a health environment for you and your loves one. If you suspect that you have a mold issue, don't put the problem on the back burner. Call us today to schedule your free evaluation. It's you and your families quality of life on the line. We understand that you need your home to be a clean environment, but you can't break the bank to do so. 

The Process Of Mold Remediation Per Florida Statues:

Florida is one of 5 states that require a license to be a Mold Assessor or Mold Remediator. As a Consumer (you) it might seem a little overwhelming at first glance, please understand however, the Florida Statue is there to protect you. So, we will try to break it down very simply for you.

First thing you need to know is that in the Mold Remediation process for your home or business you are going to need to use two different Licensed Mold Professionals. One is a Mold Assessor, the other is a Mold Remediator.

A Mold Assessor is your first call. They are the inspector that will come in and do a thorough inspection of your home. Click here to learn more about this service. If mold is identified in this inspection as a problem in your home, the Mold Assessor will provide you with a report for you and the Mold Remediator you choose. The Mold Remediator takes the report provided by the Mold Assessor and prepares the remediation plan for your home.

After your remediation is complete, your Mold Assessor should return to do another inspection called PRV (Post Remediation Verification). This inspection is just to confirm that you home has been returned to a Healthy Home Environment.

Understand, per the Florida Statues, to protect you the consumer, Your Mold Assessor can not be your Mold Remediator, and vice-versa. This helps to ensure that you are taken advantage of. Here at The Mold Guyz, we have both licensed Mold Assessors and Mold Remediators, however we will only provide you with one service or the other, as outlined in the Florida Statues. 

Our expert mold remediation will include the following steps:


Our licensed mold remediator will take the comprehensive mold assessment report that you have provided, outlining the recommendations of the licensed mold assessor as well as an onsite visual evaluation of the project to form a plan for your remediation. You will receive a written plan outlining the full scope of remediation. 


Containment areas are highly important and contain the spread of the spores released during the removal process. 

Removal :

All building materials that have been affected must be removed. Once removed all substrate will be scrubbed and cleaned with an antimicrobial. In some extreme cases where mold has been actively growing for a while, personal belongings that are porous in nature may have to be disposed of. If this is the case, these will be listed and discussed in the evaluation before remediation begins.. All nonporous materials will be scrubbed and cleaned with an antimicrobial cleaner. We follow the IICRC S520 Standard for Remediation. 


A major part in returning your home or business back to a healthy environment is scrubbing the air for all spores and other particles. The Mold Guyz use HEPA Air Scrubbers to make sure that the air in your home is scrubbed free of all spores and particles. Airborne spores and particles are a dangerous part of remediation, this is why are technicians wear specialized filtration face mask during the entire remediation process to protect them from exposure to hazardous airborne contaminants.


Once the remediation is complete, a Post Remediation Verification (PRV) will take place to ensure the project has been returned to a "normal fungal ecology". 

All samples will be sent to an independent AIHA-LAP certified lab for testing results. 

Maintaining A "Healthy" Home Environment:

After your home has been returned to the "normal fungal ecology" it is up to you, the homeowner, to ensure that your home or business maintains a healthy environment by making sure that there is no further water intrusion or humidity issues. Our technicians will go over strategies and methods that have proven effective in helping our clients maintain a healthy indoor air quality.

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" After 2 quotes from large franchise mold remediation companies, I gave up on the thought of being able to have my home remediated. My health had declined quickly, and my quality of life was diminished. My Home Health nurse recommended The Mold Guyz to me. I called them that day. They quickly responded, and hand delivered me an estimate and detail scope of work within 24 hours later. I could not believe the price. Not only could I afford the remediation, I was able to hire a company to do the build back of the areas that had to be removed. They provided excellent communication,  documentation pictures, and test results. Their work was superb, and their customer service unmatched. 

I will recommend them to everyone. Thank you for making my home safe. I already seen an improvement in my health. ~ Jane B. 

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