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Our commitment to keeping our clients safe has only increased since the COVID 19 Pandemic began. 

Our Licensed Assessors take the upmost care to sanitize all their equipment in between clients. We use an EPA approved cleaning solution that is on the EPA COVID 19 recommended sanitation solutions. 

Due to the nature of our business, our Assessors already wear N-95 face mask to protect themselves against the daily exposure to mold. However, due to the increased demand for N-95 masks, don't be alarmed if you see them wearing a standard 3 ply face mask.

Our vehicles are stocked with hand sanitizer. Our Assessors sanitize frequently and always before entering and existing our clients homes or places of business. 

Before making appointment we do ask our clients if they have been exposed or feel like they may have been exposed to the COVID, along with if they have traveled internationally or from another state within the past 14 days. 

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