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We are family. The Mold Guyz is a family owned and operated company having over 25 years of combined construction and environmental knowledge. Don't be fooled, having a couple tools in your Inspection kit does not make an excellent Mold Assessor. However, experience applied with a foundation of construction knowledge, mixed with a thorough understanding of how mold infiltrates and grows makes an excellent mold assessor. We stand proudly and firmly on our experience and knowledge, but we can't help and brag a little that we have all the latest tools and technology too. 

We Understand Your Concern & Worry! We understand that your family is the most precious thing to you, and your home is one of your most valuable investments. Our families  and homes are important to us too. We started this company after several personal health issues within our combined families that was being caused by undiscovered or "Hidden Toxic Mold".  It took years to fully understand and discover what was truly affecting the declining health of those who we consider our most precious "investments".  In two of those cases the structural damage was extensive. It was because of our experiences and the frustration of not being able to find honest and fair Mold Professionals that a desire was born to help others in this situation.  We treat all of our inspections as if we are inspecting our own home. We will respect your home and property, while being thorough, honest, and providing reliable recommendations for the best course of action to return your home back to a healthy home standard, just like we wish someone had done for us so many years ago. 

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